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Mobile Competition
1rstWAP's Mobile Competition Services enable companies to run SMS-based games.
The 1rstWAP handles SMS delivery, SMS replies, SMS interactivity, entry management and result reporting.

This service provides a unique way to:

Interact with existing and potential customers
Collect customer information
Build up a customer mobile number database for future communication with customers
Evaluate campaign/competition effectively in near real-time via web-based result and reporting feature

Benefits of Interactive SMS Competitions :

Reach a wide audience - wherever they are
Receive entries from your hard-to-reach "wireless" customers
Save on printing, distribution and collection costs
Enjoy short promotion lead-times and higher flexibility
Run more and better targeted competitions
Test promotions methods via controlled roll-outs
Collect additional data from target groups
Build a large, verified target group database quickly
Open mobile communication channel with target group for future use


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