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Our Mobile Broadcast Service lets you :

Send SMS promotions/greetings/information from the web or mobile device
at any time
Send to 10 or even 10.000 of your customers/employees with 1 click
Send SMS to all your customers, no matter which operator they use
Receive replies and feedback from your customers on your computer
Send automatically personalized SMS to customers groups

Additional Features include :

Quick SMS campaign setup
SMS Scheduler for automated SMS sending at pre-defined days and times
Message delivery reports that detail delivery success and delivery failure reasons
Automated import of mobile number and receiver name database
Special sender numbers, so that you can receive SMS replies on your computer or your own mobile device, or use of alphanumeric sender number that displays your brand name as SMS sender


1rstWAP should be your choice for SMS promotions because of its:

Competitive pricing
High SMS throughput
Variable sender numbers
SMS reply ability
Delivery reports
Retry mechanism for failed message delivery
Message scheduling
Wide international coverage





Business Enterprise


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