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LAST REVISED: February 2020

You are currently visiting the 1rstWAP® website.

1rstWAP® considers your personal data and you privacy at the utmost importance. Our privacy notice explains what personal data we collect and how we process them. We invite you to read them. 1rstWAP® processes your personal data for this website in order to provide you a helpful and adapted resource that will help you know 1rstWAP® better.

What is personal data?

Personal data may be any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. An identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, by reference to an identifier such as a name, identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to that natural person.

Data collection

Your personal data on this website can be collected directly. It can be collected directly when, for instance, you voluntarily submit it for registering for 1rstWAP®'s Services or when completing the contact form. When accessing to these pages, you will be provided information about the collection of your personal data and will be able to give – or decline to give – your consent.

To provide such information, we collect – or may collect – your name, telephone number, e-mail address, job title, Company, country, and any other data that you might communicate in your message.

Your personal data is not collected indirectly. The website does not use cookies or other technologies.

Purpose of the processing

We use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • We use your identification data to enable you to (a) contact us via the website, (b) receive marketing related emails based on information you request on our website.

These personal data are collected when you get in contact with an 1rstWAP® representative, or want to receive a white paper or other documentation. These data will be used to provide you with the requested services or materials and can be used for further processing for marketing purposes with your explicit consent.

Your interests regarding these collects:

  • Get access to personalized and precise information when you ask for it
  • Receive a white paper or other documentation when you ask for it
  • Be provided with requested services or materials
  • Present you 1rstWAP® new products, carreer opportunities and/or services if you have explicitly given your consent to receive such information

1rstWAP® and your personal data

For the processes stemming from this website, 1rstWAP® is the data controller, deciding their purposes and means.

1rstWAP® website is hosted in the Republic of Indonesia and application support may be made from 1rstWAP® Indonesia or United Arab Emirates.

Any personal data processed by 1rstWAP® is kept on secure servers. 1rstWAP® uses reasonable administrative, technical, personnel, and physical measures to safeguard personal data against loss, unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or modification and to ensure the integrity of the personal data. Additionally, 1rstWAP® ensures to process your personal data only for the purposes mentioned in this privacy notice and to keep data no longer than necessary.

Who can access your data?

Your personal data can be accessed by:

  • 1rstWAP® employees that have been formally authorized.

Your rights

You have:

  • The right to information regarding how your personal data is processed.
  • The right of access your personal data processed by 1rstWAP®.
  • The right to erasure which allows you to require your personal data to be deleted by 1rstWAP®.
  • The right to restriction of processing which allows you to control how your data is processed.
  • The right to object the processing of your personal data which means that you can require that 1rstWAP® ceases to process your personal data.

  Special Award Epitomizes Success


1rstWAP won the "Best Product of the Year" in the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's annual Telecommunication & Information Awards for 2002.
The annual "Micronics Internusa Golden Award" recognizes outstanding achievements and developments in the Telecommunication and IT industry in Indonesia.

1rstWAP was selected for the award in recognition of its pioneering role in telecommunications and information technology which has broadened people's knowledge about technology in communications. Also acknowledged was 1rstWAP's focus on customer needs and convenience, security and reliability and effective application of technology.


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