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About 1rstwap Career Opportunities

Running high profile services, developing and managing world class applications and infrastructure globally, 1rstWAP needs highly qualified and motivated professionals. Headquartered in Indonesia, we support customers in many countries around the world.

Some of the positions currently open include:

spacer Marketing Assistant
spacer Sales Engineer
spacer Project Manager
spacer Web Developer
spacer Database Developer
spacer Integration Engineer
spacer IT Security Manager
spacer Telecom Developer
spacer Telecom Engineer
spacer Software Engineer
spacer Senior Software Engineer
spacer Android Developer
spacer PHP Developer
spacer Java Developer
spacer UI/UX Designer
spacer Deployment Engineer
spacer QA/QC Engineer
spacer Business Analyst
spacer Telco Manager
spacer System Administrator

If you are interested in joining us, please send your CV to

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  Special Award Epitomizes Success


1rstWAP won the "Best Product of the Year" in the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's annual Telecommunication & Information Awards for 2002.
The annual "Micronics Internusa Golden Award" recognizes outstanding achievements and developments in the Telecommunication and IT industry in Indonesia.

1rstWAP was selected for the award in recognition of its pioneering role in telecommunications and information technology which has broadened people's knowledge about technology in communications. Also acknowledged was 1rstWAP's focus on customer needs and convenience, security and reliability and effective application of technology.


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