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1rstWAP® is a developer of telecommunication solutions based on standardised technologies used in mobile and fixed networks (Internet). We provide consulting services for system architecture design, provisioning and operation of services. Our in-house development team possesses extensive expertise and experience in developing specialised and tailor-made products and solutions for mobile network operators, corporations and government organisations. Through many years of practical experience, we have learned to adapt and leverage new and ever-changing information/communication technologies.

Since its establishment in 1999, 1rstWAP® has been developing advanced mobile messaging and location services for various market segments. For example, our ALTAMIDES® solution helps National Security Agencies, Law Enforcement and Anti-Corruption Agencies to fight crime and corruption since 2006. Our first office and headquarters have been established in Jakarta, Indonesia and over time new offices have been added in Singapore and Dubai. At those offices, we have over 150 employees who proudly call themselves part of the 1rstWAP® family.

As part of our social responsibility effort, the founders of 1rstWAP® have established the ISCO foundation in 1999 and are continuously supporting it to aid the education of underprivileged children in Indonesia through a complete program from kindergarten to university.

Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, 1rstWAP operates an engineering and development center with 24/7 operations and 24/7 technical support, as well as redundant server sites in Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, and Europe.

  Special Award Epitomizes Success


1rstWAP won the "Best Product of the Year" in the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's annual Telecommunication & Information Awards for 2002.
The annual "Micronics Internusa Golden Award" recognizes outstanding achievements and developments in the Telecommunication and IT industry in Indonesia.

1rstWAP was selected for the award in recognition of its pioneering role in telecommunications and information technology which has broadened people's knowledge about technology in communications. Also acknowledged was 1rstWAP's focus on customer needs and convenience, security and reliability and effective application of technology.


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