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FTRAX is a web-based location tracking, alerting and reporting solution.

1rstWAP, a leading developer and provider of Mobile Messaging solutions, is committed to providing its customers with innovative and affordable asset & vehicle tracking solutions. Capable of integrating GSM** and GPS location source data, overlaying this on various maps, providing textual detail of location, traveling direction, speed of travel and other information. Vehicles fitted with GPS receiver provide data to the central system via various wireless modes including SMS and GPRS.

FTRAX-GSM is a web-based location tracking solution designed for Mobile Network Service Providers and government security agencies. The target tracking is based on the interrogation of the network for the vicinity of the relevant GSM mobile device. In most Mobile Network Service Providers, the existing data is not immediately available to provide readable output, but 1rstWAP can support to prepare the cell database and other associated information to enable a quality solution. In addition to FTRAX, 1rstWAP also provides other LBS solutions to which FTRAX becomes just one offering.

FTRAX-GPS is a web-based location tracking solution based on GPS source data provided through a device installed within a mobile asset, such as a vehicle, or a GPS enabled mobile phone. It is an excellent way for fleet owners and managers to monitor the precise locations of their cars, trucks or vehicles. The solution provides fleet management capability with assurance and confidence. Reports and graphic locations can be viewed via internet browser and also as text on authorized mobile phone.

FTRAX-GSM and FTRAX-GPS have been developed to operate independently or as a single, totally integrated application, where mobile assets can be located using either GSM and/or GPS source data. Service features, such as comprehensive geo-fencing, are available no matter which of the two tracking technologies is used. The primary difference is that GSM tracking provides "vicinity" location information, whereas GPS provides the precise location co-ordinates, but requires an installed GPS receiver inside the mobile asset.

** GSM Tracking is dependent on policy and offering of local GSM Service providers. The platform is ideally suited as a white-labeled solution for any GSM Service provider that can offer this as location-based value-add solution to corporate customers. GSM tracking is subject to privacy laws, to which the platform offers a high level of security management and audit controls. Mobile assets in such situation can be any GSM mobile phone without the need of any GPS device. The platform fully integrates precise GPS co-ordinates and GSM "vicinity" into a unique single and seamless solution.

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